Fire Protection Systems And Life Safety

In case of emergency, the most important thing is to stay calm and remember some useful tips that you’ve learned over the years. Depending on the type of emergency, you may encounter many people on the way out, however, as long as you remain calm, you will most likely be just fine. In case of fire hazards, you need to remember to call the fire department, however, you should not just sit there surrounded by smoke and wait for firemen to come and rescue you.

Athens Fire and Rescue

In case you work with flammable substances then you should call Athens Fire and Rescue services and make the arrangement. What does this mean? Well, every facility, regardless of the size, has to have a valid document or more precisely a license that allows this facility to operate with dangerous materials. Apart from that, the fire department will inspect the facility and create a detailed escape plan. You need to have plates on the main stairs, hallways, and other important locations in the facility that will show the way where the exit is. Apart from these plates, you also need to install the escape plan on every floor. This allows people to know where to go. In addition to these obligatory items, you also need to have some kind of protection that people can use. This means giving access to the fire extinguisher. Besides this, you also need to have a good fire alarm system that will trigger the sprinklers.

These things can save lives, therefore, if you care about your workers, you should do as told. Not only that you will have a better deal with insurance companies, but you will also know that all people in this facility will be safe at the end of the day. In case of extreme smoke, you should stick to the ground, because oxygen levels are increased in the area.